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Dry/Wax Vaporizers 

The Dry Herb Vaporizer: The best way to vaporize dry herbs is to purchase a vaporizer pen that is specifically designed for dry substances. From cloves to cannabis, no one wants their stash to combust so be sure to purchase the glass inserts along with any conduction based dry herb vaporizer pen you purchase. They cost about $10 and will ensure proper vapors reach your weed. Aim for a weed vaporizer that provides an air stream between 275- 350 degrees Fahrenheit. That vapor temperature range allows for proper vaporization without combustion. If you choose a conduction vaporizer, there are no need for screens as they all produce true vapor.

The Wax Vaporizer: A personal favorite because vaporizing wax creates such a creamy rich flavor without clogging or leaking. A big suggestion is to purchase a wax vapor pen that includes a USB charger to charge directly from your smart phone or laptop. Many models of wax vapor pens offer rapid heating and wickless designs. Often wax vaporizers are compatible with a variety of extracts so going au natural and mixing your own blend is perfectly encouraged. We like rechargeable Lithium ion batteries when using a wax vapor pen because they last for weeks.

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